Jokers: I like to call these the Fool Cards of the Deck. Not everyone uses the Joker in Cartomancy readings but I do, because it adds another element of understanding to the readings that I find can be very helpful. It’s really your choice whether you use them or not. 

Joker (Red): The Red Joker represents Action. Actions that can be unpredictable, adventurous. A card that can urge you to expect the unexpected. It is a card of possibilities but also mindfulness. This card may mean that one needs to take actions that they normally would not, which would benefit them in some way, also depends on question and surrounding cards. Could mean someones action will be unexpected and unpredictable or a circumstance as well.

Joker (Black): The Black Joker represents Thought. Thoughts that are of an adventurous nature. It is a call to think outside the box. It represents thinking that you may not expect which could be helpful depending on the question and surrounding cards. Could also represent someone or some circumstance in which the thought process is unorthodox.