The Number 8: KeyWords: money, business, life cycles, karma, reincarnation, perfection, manifesting, power, wealth,  riches,  investments, status, materials, the ego, reality, world, transformation, employment, infinity, appearance, skills.

When the energy of 8 makes it appearance, gains of all types are made possible and especially by hard work, intent and belief.  The energy of 8 creates an expansion in the force field of manifestation. The number 8  deals with our root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus: Sense of Security, Passions and Talents, Willpower and Determination.


When it is a 8 day:

Visualize your best future.

Write down what you want to manifest.

Take concentrated efforts towards your business, passions, goals, and things you want to achieve.

Believe that you will receive and dont waiver from your belief.

Pay special attention to the workings of that day to see what the universe is trying to nudge you towards: it often has something to do with helping you gain.

*Ann Divine