Weekly AstroRecap

by Ann Divine


Happy Birthday to all the Pisces Suns!! Sun entered Pisces on Saturday 2/18/17 and Mercury will enter Pisces at the end of the week right before the New Moon Solar Eclipse comes for the 26th of February. Giving you all the information you need for this transition into a new phase. That way, what has been revealed thus far gives you the fuel you need for setting your intentions and making new goals that are in line with your life at this time.  So pay attention to your emotions but don’t get carried away into the nostalgia of what you hope and wish for. For couples this can be a very potent time for romance and passions especially if your relationship is currently in a positive energy. So pace yourself if you don’t want to get to carried away too fast. Yet with Mars in Aries, Venus in Aries, and Uranus in Aries surprising events could take place.

Check out these AstroScopes for your Ascendant sign to find out where in your chart this potent Pisces energy will be present the most: 



How we are starting the week off:


We will start off the week with the moon going into waning crescent phase/balsamic moon with the energies of Sagittarius/Capricorn/Aquarius. During this moon phase it is an awesome time for personal reflection and bringing things to its completion, before a new understanding is brought forth.

Keywords involved in this phase is: Formulation; Getting Ready; Closure; Surrender: Letting Go, Determination, Introspection, Being Open-Minded, Careful Consideration, Strength, Movements, Travel, Uniqueness, Faith, Prayer, Meditation, Finding your Personal Freedom, Humanity and Focus.

Mercury Aquarius sextile Uranus Aries

Personal expressions are being easily implemented, so be who you are with passion, fire and desire running alongside you”

Connections with others showing you who you truly are, while you transition into this greater understanding of something bigger than you can imagine existing. Connecting to the truth of self is what humanity needs.

Sun Pisces semi-square Mars Aries

As the realization of your deepest feelings emerge where do these feelings ultimately lead you too”

The spotlight will shine on a certain feeling, or even an emotion rousing situation/circumstance this will lead you into destructive actions or it will lead you into a passionate pursuit of truth, ambitions and constructive action. Now that you know, you are aware. Be mindful as these feelings emerge.

Sun Pisces opposition True Node Virgo

Your Feelings and Your Purpose are often times Connected”

At times it seems like what we feel and what we experience don’t match up with what we are destined to do and be. Yet all is connected and once you can take what you feel and understand its purpose you realize that you are on the right path for your journey at any give time.

Sun Pisces semi-square Pluto Capricorn

Energy is real, as Reality is to what you see on the daily; how do you deal with energies your feel”

Major transitions are in the works, move with the currents and not against it. Don’t let perceived negative emotions pull you backwards, allow what needs to flow through you to flow through you, and watch how it all ends up coming together as it should, especially if you allow it.

Mercury Aquarius semi-sextile Chiron Pisces

Once something becomes understood then the choices, actions and decisions you make will tend to make more sense”

Allow knowledge and understanding to come through, it’s for the betterment of healing and purpose towards the long run. There are times when thinking outside the box can get you far, there are times when utilizing your freedom of speech and action can lead to a greater understanding. Be a free thinker as the energies are currently conducive to such. Everyday can be a day that leads you closer to greater healing.