Weekly AstroRecap

by Ann Divine


The Full Moon in Leo Lunar Eclipse was a potent energetic push or release for us all. Emotions were on high and if you are as sensitive to the moon as I am then you really felt its motions within your energy and auric field, all these energies serve a purpose and that is to bring you to realization of your self and others around you. It is also serves a purpose for growth so that we do not remain stagnant especially if you desire growth, then growth is what you will receive. However growth isn’t always smooth sailing, growth can often times be painful, but the key is to learn from any perceived mistakes and make a point to do and be better. See the fault in your own eyes and not just that of others. Let no one take your new day away from you. Each morning when you arise is a chance to get it right. This Leo full Moon was about strength, perseverance, willpower and determination. You may have also noticed things dealing with children as Leo also rules our children. If you felt discomfort in any way it was because the moon wanted you to realize that what you are passionate about matters. Your happiness matters for the sake of not only yourself but others around you as well. Take note of what was experienced even if it seemed slight, make a gratitude list for what is going good and great in your life right now, take note of what you want to see change and then look back on it right before the new moon solar eclipse on the 26th of this month or at the next full moon in March.

Our next major energetic shift takes place in 8 degrees Pisces and will be a wonderful Solar Moon Eclipse. Check out this video to see what area this is to occur in for you in your chart, and to find out what your star house of the month is this month (Ascendant Signs):


We will start the week off in Waning Gibbous phase with Libra: Awareness of connections, soul contracts, responsibility to others, friends, associates and our place in the bigger scheme of things. Tell somebody you love them! Let somebody know they matter to you!

Sun enters Pisces on Saturday February 18th. 2017 more about this on next Sunday’s AstroRecap.

How we are starting this week off: 


Mercury quintile Uranus

Awareness is the key to understanding and change and what is known must be expressed”

1. Something unexpected could be said, done or occur yet it is what you needed to know or understand.

2. You might feel an urge to be expressive or share some important information take advantage of that energy and use the gifts you have been imparted with to express yourself, through music, writing, art, poetry, or video etc…

Sun Aquarius sextile Saturn Sagittarius

Every little bit counts, do the work now for what you want later”

Our connections to others in our lives can flow harmoniously with just a little effort as who we are amongst our family, friends, and peers is to the realization of our place amongst the earth. This is what true freedom is all about, being and living your truth. The truth for which you incarnated on this earth for. All have a purpose. We need each other to manifest our truths.

Mercury Aquarius semi-square Saturn Sagittarius

There are people and energies that want you to think you cant, but you can! Don’t listen to the naysayers”

You can really do anything you want, but nothing is without consequence, the fact of the matter is that you want to do what will make you happy but also bring harmony to your life and to those who mean the most to you. Remember who you are, that is what matters. Some things are but a moment in time, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

Jupiter Libra quincunx Chiron Pisces

What hurts can be a gift, Some painful things really are a blessing in disguise”

Jupiter is currently retrograde so its quite possible a lesson that needs to be learned will be learned but it is for the betterment of your future and the healing of your past and your now. Sometimes things fall apart so that something better can be brought forward. Let what needs to fall away fall away, or if someone unexpected comes back, hear them out maybe something was missed and needs to be regained.

Mercury Aquarius semi-sextile Neptune Pisces

Dream a little Dream, Do you believe in Magic?”

Pay attention to your dreams (those in sleep and those in waking) there may be much to be revealed. Knowledge and understanding is available to those who believe and those who seek. A transitional time of communication and understanding is occurring with this energy. Pay attention to what you see and hear. Learn to trust your intuition. Spiritual powers are always at work. Life is what you make it!