Weekly AstroRecap

by Ann Divine

Date: 2/5/2017

Jupiter in Libra from September 2016 to October 2017

Jupiter stays in any given sign about 1 year. At this time Jupiter is in Libra. What does this mean to you? Well Libra naturally rules 7th house of partnerships, contracts, marriage and commitments. Venus naturally rules Libra which is all about love, romance, harmony and pleasures. Jupiter rules Sagittarius naturally which is about freedoms, travel, understanding and research ruled by the 9th house of philosophy of life and knowledge. Jupiter brings forth expansion, luck, success, and fulfillment. So all these things are getting enhanced with the Jupiter in Libra energy which does not happen overnight however by the time Jupiter leaves Libra after its 1 year reign in October you will be able to look back and see what was brought forth in this area and it will have a lot to do with the house Libra resides in for you. Jupiter is in shadow and entering retrograde on the 6th of February 2017. This is a very important time as Jupiter is getting to its final rounds of magic and manifestation before it enters Scorpio in October 2017. Jupiter going retrograde in Libra will allow the energies to present to you something that was missed or something that needs to be re-evaluated or understood before it goes forward and direct again. This is a good thing. Whatever area Libra is in, in your chart lets you know what area of energy is being placed in the retro phase #lookbackatit. Looking back, seeing if you got the point and if you are ready for the next phase of blessings and understandings.

Venus, Mars and Uranus are all in Aries at this time. So depending on the degrees and that area within your chart, this fiery, ambitious, game changing, passionate energy is working its awesome magic for us. It can be destructive or it can be constructive it just depends on how the planetary movements want to get you going in the right direction and also if you really want it yourself. This energy is perfect for the gains of it all, especially while working together with Jupiter and then Jupiter in Retrograde you get to really see the truth of what you desire and want for your life. You will either be pushed further into your eccentricity and freedom or you will be pushed into being and going about it more creatively. In others words how can you think outside the box to make it happen your way. Do what you need and have to do. Go for it..now is the time.

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur for us on February 10th 2017 in 22 degrees 28 Leo. Leo is ruled by the sun and Leo rules 5th house of Fun, Recreation, Talents, Passions and Children. So Look to this area in your chart to see how this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be revealing its energies to you. A Full Moon is about expansion and bringing things to light and the Sun is about Power, Ambitions, Shedding Light, Generation of Energy and so with this Lunar Eclipse the energy is to be very potent in its realization. You will know doubt feel this Leo Full Moon and the closer we get to this date the more you will realize and see, so pay attention to what is being revealed to you, this hints at what you need to know and what you will need to embrace.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 22 degrees 28 In Leo message from Ann Divine: You are pass half way there in this Leo understanding. Keep moving positively forward but take responsibility and take charge of what you have been given in this area. The area in which you were meant to rule, go forth with courage and confidence for this has been given to you. Do well with it, do your best with it, but move with the energy not ahead of it or behind it. Awareness with Sun is key. See the connections around you, understand their purpose, that purpose which works together to bring forth that which you desire to manifest. Ultimately Change, Adventure, and Expansion is on the horizon.

Please check this video out and find out more about the February Energies in your chart for your Ascendant Signs: https://youtu.be/VExQGd7edRc

How we are starting the week off:


Sun Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto Capricorn

What you desire comes from the depth of your passionate heart, sweat and tears”

Dont just imagine what you want take steps towards getting what you want. If you want to manifest change it begins with you. As you manifest what you desire also understand that it takes steps and processes to bring it to fruition. Whatever that change may be no matter how big or small. What’s meant for you is also going to be good for all those involved. The Sun will Shine on your freedom to be you and give back towards humanity in your own way while allowing an agreeable energy to be integrated into those deepest wants and desires.
Venus Aries quincunx True Node Virgo

Sometimes Love, Passion, Ambitions and Purpose go hand in hand and other times it’s two different ideals; know the difference at any given time”

Depending on how you look at it and what will be presented to you; is it a burden or a strength? It’s really all in perspective. We have that which we are responsible for and that which brings us pleasure and joy. Is this situation about you or is this situation about someone else, which is more important at this time? Or is a compromise possible, in which one is able to balance out both what you need and what is needed.