Weekly Astro-Recap

by Ann Divine

Date: 1/29/2017

Sun is still in Aquarius in its mid phase of understanding for the collective. So we are now getting to the nitty gritty of it all, the part of the phase in which we now act on what has been revealed to us. ( what’s the point to know better and not do better). A new understanding has tried to be made aware and manifest into your life especially in the area in which Aquarius dwells, with Mars entering Aries in this phase we are getting that extra push and drive to make things work. With Mars  entering Aries with Uranus, it is very important at this time to do things your way, that is the way that works! Not how your mom or dad did it, not how your sister or best friend says do it (unless of-course it works) but it’s okay to be unconventional as long as it gets the job done and peace surrounds you, that’s how you know you are on the right track. Everything that is important to us we want to pursue, keep afloat and make work; but be careful with Mars energy depending on the other aspects in your chart Mars in Aries can create conflicts that will need to be resolved and how you handle this resolve, will tell you a lot about what you are to experience in the final phase of Aquarius before Sun moves into emotional, watery Pisces; emotional outbursts could be on an all time high! Pisces is very potent in this period I will tell you more about that towards the end of next month, because by that time Sun and Mercury will be in Pisces as well.

Moon is currently in Pisces for the first couple of days to start off the week, things may be feeling quite nostalgic working our ways into the last phases of winter (depending on where you are in the world). Your feeling dreamy, musical and psychic/intuitive senses will be on high, as well as the deep feelings, emotions and sensitivities. Be careful as others emotions, words and actions might affect you greatly at this time, but have patience and compassion as you realize, it’s just the Moon in Pisces at work, learn to let the small things go and keep it moving. Think before you speak and think before you react because your reaction might be out of proportion with the situation, don’t create an issue that need not be present. By day’s end find a way to personally unwind, release and clear your energy field, to prepare for the next day’s new start. During this moon phase love, intimate relationships and romance concerns, wants, and wishes will be flowing through your being and fantasies deep, but don’t dwell there because when Moon enters Aries shortly after you will be jolted back into your reality and back into what matters most. (unless of-course you are partnered up it’s an excellent time for a nostalgic, romantic rump and or fantasy night on the town, and a good time to imagine your desired beloved, this will flow easily under this moon).

True Node is currently retrograde in Virgo likely to move into Leo by May 2017. At this time we are gathering what we need to know within our lives as we make inventory of change and how to tweak things here and there for a reason that has a lot to do with our life purpose. True Node helps to align to our incarnated purpose and while in retrograde we get to gain something that was missing before moving forward again. So as the saying goes “There is always more to learn”

How we are starting the week off:


Mercury Capricorn sesquiquadrate True Node Virgo

Challenges create Strength”

This is a reiteration of patience, awareness and control. Its best to keep in mind that some things happen in order to push you into the right direction. The tensions that may present themselves involve your true purpose, however they are minor tensions. There is a pool of understanding that involves the manifestation of your truest self and the co creation with others and spirit towards your purpose, when healing of the karmic past and generational issues are involved discomfort is likely to be present as well. This made be made manifest in your dreams or in your reality. Dont let minor discrepancies turn major. Have self control and a calm patient disposition. The Key is “Patience”

Sun Aquarius semi-sextile Neptune Pisces

Manifest Change”

Your hopes, dreams and wishes can come true, but are you in alignment with your truth? Sometimes what’s meant for us is greater than what we can even imagine for ourselves. Take little steps each day towards the manifestation of your truth and happiness. This can be just as simple as taking a small amount of time each day to visualize and see yourself where you want to be. 10-15 minutes. Journaling, writing, and recording are also beneficial with this energy as well. In the grand scheme of things you are still an individual and have an important purpose to your being, no matter how small it may appear to the outside world.