Weekly Astro Recap
by Ann Divine. 

Date: 1/22/2017

Sun is currently in Aquarius emphases on family, freedom and connections
and especially in the area of your chart in which Aquarius rule; even more so a certain realization of the state of humanity which does include people you interact with daily.

Moon currently in Sagittarius will also have you feeling a sense of freedom in your choices which is a good feeling compared to the tense energies that have been present as of lately; that or either you know you want to break free yet can’t figure out how..just yet.  An awesome revelation of how to balance freedom, uniqueness and purpose is possible for you. However, True Lilith is currently retrograde in Scorpio so the intense energies are still present yet in a way that comes from deep within and challenges you to understand how you handle your hidden, secret issues and especially how you handle uncomfortable situations and moments of anger.
You will be challenged; Is there a way to go about it differently? Try that way. Venus, Mars,Chiron, Neptune are all still in Pisces coupled with Uranus in Aries; You will
be struggling and battling with your reality and your deepest passions
and then coming to grips with your truth bit by bit, step by step. Chiron plays
no games and the understanding will no doubt be realized at some point, sometimes in the most painful ways. Yet with Mercury in Capricorn, Saturn in Sagittarius and True Node in Virgo what matters, what’s worth the wait and what’s worth the hard work and dedication will be apparent and showing forth for you.

How we are starting the week off:

Mercury quintile Chiron
What we are learning has a purpose that which is for growth and that which is
meant to last a lifetime. Use your creative mind and make it work.
A deep spiritual power is available to you.
Sun in Aquarius quincunx True Node in Virgo
It may seem like a challenge to balance what you want to do with what you need
to do but it can be done. “There is enough time in a day”
Co-create with spirit, recognize connections, take action be flexible and

Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces
Get the most challenging things done early and the day will go by smoother.
What you are working hard to understand is really for your good. Ultimately
you will come to understand that the life you truly want to lead,
the life you dream of is possible.
A certain potential is realized embrace it.
A positive outlook is going to always be better than a negative outlook.
We shape our world with our thoughts and with our mind. Yet what is faith
without action.

Venus Pisces semi-sextile Uranus Aries
What feels good is connecting your passions with what you love to do with
your purpose. Change is sometimes an unexpected process in that it can happen overnight, or it can take a lifetime. You can’t pin change down; but
you won’t know unless you try. So you go with what you are
given and just “try”. Love and Passions often go hand in hand.
“Be uniquely you”