The Number 2: Key Words: Harmony, balance, connections, relationships, love, unity, partnerships, similarities, twin concept, balance, sex, submission, consideration, dance, grace, harmony, flow, devotion, obedience, soul mate, yin yang, cooperation, water, flexibility, adaptability, the subconscious, water.

When the energy of the number 2 is present be prepared to notice the flow of connections that are in your life. a 2 day is a great day to get together with those whom you feel harmony with. You will also notice a balance or imbalance depending on the current state of any partnerships and relationships. This day will test your understanding of unity, cooperation, grace and flexibility.

How to utilize this energy best:

Get together with business partners to discuss plans this will likely flow harmonious on this day.

Go on a date with your favorite person, but be careful if you dont want it to go to far because deep romantic feelings will surely be in the air.

Pay special attention to who reaches out to you on a 2 day, it is a great indicator of a significant connection.

Be prepared to notice and accept love and unity from unexpected people and people who are close to you. How do you deal with loving gestures…it doesn’t always mean sex or marriage it could just be your time to receive appreciation.

Notice that love is all around and can be seen in all ways and forms.

Be are creating loving energy and karma most potently on a 2 day.

Water is the element that rules the day when 2 is around so sensuality, flow, emotions, dancing, and music stand out greatly on this day. A wonderful day for a healing bath with candles or going for a swim to clear your mind and create peace.