The Number 7

7: Keywords:  The thinker, the hermit, the analyzer, knowledge, understanding, holiness, perfection, secrets, logic, alchemy, religion, isolation, learning.

The number 7 is a very spiritual number; when the energy of this number is present then be prepared to be tested. 7 is the number of perfection and when this number is around you will notice any and everything that appears to be odd, off or less than what you consider to be perfection. This number can also represent pain as it is a number meant to help you see how far you have grown spiritually and in maturity. Often times you will find yourself wanting to get away from it all when it is a 7 day. This number can often be represented by the hermit in tarot.

What do you believe in: This day will help you understand where you stand in your beliefs.

How to successfully manage a number 7 day: Find your faith, rely on a higher power to get you through, be forgiving, be patient with others, be patient with yourself, think before you speak, remember that this too shall pass, dont resort to an erratic action that you will regret later, hold no grudge, at the end of this day find a way to unwind and let go. Tomorrow is a brand new day. 

This day is all about Karma and how you react to the negativity that comes your way and will offer you an outcome pending how you react. Positive or Negative. You will reap.

Remember to reward yourself and recognize any growth you realize is apparent within you on this day. Recognize your strengths. Take note of what you could have done better or what spiritual truths came forward for you.