The Number 4: Key Words: The Builder, foundation, stability, grounded, law, dedication, determination, power, progress, the conscious mind, earth and balance.

The energy of the number 4 can be utilized to push you into a place of determination towards your work or goals.  The number 4 will show you the understanding of law, universal and spiritual law; such as law of attraction, law of karma, law of gratitude, law of giving and receiving, and also worldly law. The number 4 show you the power of your mind and the understanding of action. “Faith without works is dead” James 2: 14-26. Meaning, what is faith without actions. However what is action without faith..futile.

Utilize the energy of a number 4 day:

Work on your passions, hopes and dreams even if you dont feel like it. a little bit at a time still counts.

Recognize your blessings. Many people are unemployed and homeless. Be greatful for a way to make money even if its a job you dont like; however, dont forget to take time to work on that which you are also passionate about and want to someday do for a living; a 4 day is great for that progress.

Balance is essential to life what is wealth without health? An awesome day to start a workout routine. A good day to get in some form of exercise or even a long meditation.

Realize the importance of responsibility. Whom or what are you responsible for. Are you taking care of your given responsibilities? If not it’s a good day to work towards beginning to do so. Because the laws of the universe is at work when it comes to responsibility, so let it work in your favor. You need to also recognize areas in which are NOT your responsibility, because you may be giving energy to something that is not meant for you.

Hard work now means you get to play later!!! The harder you work the better the play. 😉