The Number 3: KeyWords: The creator, the communicator, sexuality, expression, communication, co creation, the holy trinity, passions.

When it is a 3 day prepare to have the flow of communication and creativity very apparent for you. Utilize this energy to do things that make your creative juices flow, communication will be very well for this day. It would be a good day to get with others and talk about ambitious endeavors. It is also an excellent energy for writing.

What to remember when it comes to the number 3:

You are a co creator and can create your world with you thoughts.

You are not a one man show, you need others, and especially the right people in your life to work with on certain endeavors.

There is an energy that can work for you or against you, do recognize spiritual powers?

Your passions are important let no one tell you any different.

When you speak it or write it,  you are putting it out into the universe.

Sexual energy can be used to create.  ( Research the energy of Vesta in Astrology and see where it is in your chart, utilize this energy towards that house)

Ann Divine

Love and Illuminating Light. ♥