Transits and Ephemerides
As of Monday 5 December 2016
Sun – Sagittarius
Moon-  Aquarius
Mercury- Capricorn
Venus-  Capricorn
Mars-  Aquarius
Jupiter – Libra
Saturn- Sagittarius
Uranus- Я Aries
Neptune- Pisces
Pluto -Capricorn
Chiron – Pisces
True Node -Я Virgo
True Lilith -Sagittarius
Venus in Capricorn is currently in its last stages before moving into Aquarius in about 2 more days. What did this energy reveal to you?  Now that Venus is about to move on, what you take with you from Venus in Capricorn is ready to be implemented and expressed. Realized or Not its with you. So its better to be aware of what your taking. What should have been gained at this time, is a solid, grounded, understanding of what you are truly passionate about. Even if this could change later, its what it means to you RIGHT NOW! Divine timing is always at play, yet nothing can move forward without you taking action or you setting that intent. What is started now and committed to, will have lasting results. Look to where Capricorn is in your chart. This is your solid connection.
With Venus and Mars coming together in Aquarius for a short period… get ready for some passionate pursuits. Balance is key. Dont get carried away with the wilds of your mind, be aware of the need to also retreat, go within, clear your head, heart and mind, and allow truth to come in. Then push forward.  Steady progress and temperance is needed in this area. Where is Aquarius in your chart this is where that energy is most needed.
But Mars wont be staying in Aquarius long as by the third week of December Mars will enter Pisces on the same day that Mercury goes retrograde!! So passions, misunderstandings, relationships, choices, wants, intents and goals will get a second look!!! Be patient, Be mindful and Be cautious but dont be fearful. Have courage.
Uranus in Aries will go direct on December 29 which means that everything you have realized is ready to move forward but still with awareness because mercury will still be retrograde. Slow and steady wins the race. Mercury will go direct in Sagittarius on January 8th of next year 2017. Then its full speed ahead. So get ready now!