The Number 5: Key Words: The Visionary, expansion, opportunity, adventure, imagination, story-telling, symbols, the subconscious mind(that which is unaware but still exists), freedom, changes,invention, creativity, resourcefulness, choices.

When it is a 5 day be prepared to witness the beginning or the furtherance of change. Something in your life is ready to move forward and you will notice clues to this utterance. a 5 day is a great day  of manifestation as it deals with the creative mind and the opportunity for expansion and creation presented within its energy. 5 is the middle of it all,  it is the moving forward but not quite there yet energy. 5 is midpoint. It is the moment of truth, backwards or forward.What can you do today to utilize this energy for a greater good or for a greater purpose? The energy of this day is conducive to expansion and changes.

What do you want to create?

What does the world need from you?

Seize the day!!

Embark on a new adventure!!

For example 2012 was a 5 year. Do you remember what that year was like for you?

Today is a great day to practice power in manifestation! Journal what you want, Visualize what you want, look back on what you wanted to accomplish,also any goals you have had and see if something has changed or what you can do further that goal or goals. See yourself there; Believe to Receive.

I AM…. ( who are you, and/or who do you want to be?) Is it true to your heart? -Connect to your Heart Chakra. Find the Truth. ♥