The Number 9: Key Words: The Humanitarian, Religion, Charity, Philanthropy, Duty, Mission, Obligations, Hardships, The higher self, Spirit Guides, Mysticism, Transformation, Endings, Faith, Angels on Earth, Sacrifice, Enlightenment, Divine Wisdom, Higher Calling. Solid.

When it is a 9 day there is set to be some type of ending, change, transformation or deeper understanding to be presented within that day. It could be a subtle ending, a huge catastrophic change, a major realization or a deeper understanding.  It is the climax and the leading to the new beginning. Look around you, the answers are present within this day, the clue to  your next steps is present within this day. Call on your spirit guides to guide you to send you signs, connect to your higher self and see that you will be guided. Notice and feel the connection to the universe. You are the universe. Nothing is too hard to handle, have you not made it this far? What can you do differently? or is what you are already doing working marvelously for you then keep at it. Allow enlightenment to come forward.

*999 always goes back to just 9*