Actually there is much I can say about how to utilize numbers in your life.

Lets start with the energy of  a date that equals 6; to understand how this energy can affect you on any particular day, just look to the date. For example today is 11-22-2016. Naturally 2016 equals 9 so we can always just use 9 to help us configure the numbers, because 2016 is a 9 year. 11(2) plus 22(4) equals 6 plus 9(2016) = 15 which equals 6. So what can we say about today’s energy? Well we have 1: our selves, independence, uniqueness, leadership, creation, attainment,fulfillment then we have 5: change, imbalance, disruptions, the mind, choices, miracles,  resources and freedom.

Leading us to 6: Healing, Providing, Nurturance, Quality, Balance and Grace.  So today is about understanding who you are, where you are through means that may feel disruptive but are also there to bring about change which will ultimately lead you to understanding what you provide, how your provide and most importantly impart some form of healing and also understanding towards unconditional love.

Keywords for 6: The Protector, provider, healer, nurturing, children, empathy, intuition, sympathy, quality, sustenance, community, unconditional love, circulation, economy, agriculture, charity, grace, evolution, and sorcery.