Today presents us with the start of some very interesting energy. Neptune just turned direct in Pisces, which I dont know if that is good or bad since either way it has the potential to present us with some fantasies and illusions that will need deciphering. However I suppose while it was in retrograde much was found to be obscured and things may not have been what they seemed or appeared; and now that Neptune is direct the truth is ready to be revealed. Combine this with the energy of urgency, shining of the  spotlight, free flowing, seeker energy of the Sun in Sagittarius and what you need to know will surely present itself to you. This can be most importantly revealed through the houses in which these zodiac signs are present in your chart. Big things have the capability of coming to the forefront with these energies so if you seek so shall you find and if you want to know get ready to find out.

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Sun enters Sagittarius