Lilith in Scorpio May 2016

Lilith has recently moved out of Libra and has now entered Scorpio, where it is often said to be in its home position. That is Lilith and Scorpio energy can be very similar in its dark and mystical ways. There are many different explanations of the story of Lilith and what she symbolizes but there are really only two renditions; one through Greek understanding and the other from a  Biblical standpoint. The one I am describing below is from the biblical stance.

Some background on the Mythology of Lilith: My rendition.

Lilith was a beautiful, sensual, docile woman who deep within had strong urges, desires and ambitions that she often only held inside. She really wanted to be free but she knew she had a major calling on her life, and that was to be with Adam and create a generation of strong, healthy, powerful children; but she didn’t like the fact that Adam was exuding power over her that which stifled her need to grow. She knew the time was approaching fast that she had to lay with Adam and thus consummate their union for eternity. She had a willingness to do what was right but she just wanted things to be fair, so she told Adam how she felt and she proclaimed that as long as they were a team and that some of her ideas could be implemented then this union would work. However Adam felt a strong sense of dominance and ideal and was not ok with what Lilith offered, he thus began to force his will upon her.  Lilith could not take this treatment and fled.

In a sense she ran away from her problems instead of facing them head on and letting time exonerate her; and this internalized into anger and hatred, for herself and for humanity. She did everything she could to go in the total opposite direction of her truth, though the heavens tried to turn her around, she would fight against it even more. She began to mate with demons and every-once in a while she would kill her own offspring and attempt to kill the bloodline children of Adam.

This mythological story has a deep message in it for us all. Take what you will from it and heed its message.

Lilith in Scorpio!

Now with that being said, we can have a clearer understanding of the energy that Lilith brings to ones chart. It is evident that you cannot have light without dark, understanding without confusion, or good without evil.

Lilith energy= Desire, Denial, Fear, Vengeance, Confusion, Conflict with self and others, Understanding how to appropriately release anger, Facing your truth, Facing your calling, How to be who you are without attempting to hurt others, Karmic reckoning, Sufferings which can lead to growth ( if you do the work and allow it), Strong sexual desires and how to appropriately handle this energy.

Scorpio energy=Fixed water sign,  Passions, Secrets, The Scorpion, The Snake, and The Eagle “I Desire” The Phoenix. Sensuality, Mysticism, Regeneration, Birth and Death, Ruled by Pluto= Transformation, Aggression, Control, Domination,  Hidden Matters, The Underworld,

So where ever Scorpio is in your chart you will find Lilith energy currently, causing you to face your truth and learn how to deal with your emotions, your ambitions, and your energy in a positive way. Because Lilith will not finish its work in that sign until 9 months from now, you will only notice the beginning of its mission and what it entails to bring into your life. With all things there is a process and their is also divine timing and then there is that magnificent thing called “The Journey” and that is what it ultimately is all about. With this particular transit you will find the truth of your desires and that does include sexuality, this energy will also bring to light the deepest understanding of who you are and the truth of what you are meant to do in this lifetime. Often times we find that what we are passionate about can bring on emotions and feelings that are hard to understand that includes envy, jealousy and the victim mentality; These emotions do and will hold you back. If you really want to live your truth use this energy to recognize these negative emotions and take positive actions to rid them once and for all!