9 card progression spread

This is an example of a 9 card progression spread that I do offer for readings. This particular reading is intended for someone. Is it for you?

1.Throat Chakra: A certain communication took place. This card is also about inner knowing, communication between the heart and mind. Some things were said this is what has begun this situation or circumstance. 2. Firm Foundation: What ever was said, found out or revealed to you brought you to a place in which you became concerned about your endeavors, material wealth and solidifying your future which is something that is on your mind. There appears to be an obstacle in front of you, yet you are attempting to gird up the strength to persevere through any advertises. 3. Conflict and Defeat: as hard as you are trying to be strong and push through in your endeavors, conflicts are arising and showing itself to you, these which are causing you to feel defeated, yet with the rest of the cards coming forth this is only an an illusion this is only your perception for something bigger is in the works.

4. Transformation: These conflicts your are dealing with are meant to cause a transformation within you and within your life, transformation is often times painful yet the end result is always beautiful, life changing and freeing. The transformation card in this deck is represented by the death card, so this conflict will bring about an ending of a certain dynamic within your life. You will be changed. 5. Love Begins: On the other side of this change is true love! Wow! This which you are dealing with is centered around bring a new love into your life. The relationship is the key to it all. This card can also be eluding to a new passion in life, and career. But because the spiritual union card ends this situation, I feel it is definitely a relationship and with money being involved it is a little bit of both. 6. Rest and Rejuvenate: Now when you come to the realization that love is involved you will need to go into a state of contemplation. This card is a card that represents prayer and meditation. So there will be some choices and actions that you need to take and in order to make sure you do the right thing always stop pause think pray wait for the answer the answer will be what makes sense and what feels right to your heart and happiness is always the key.

7.Movement Choices and Decisions: What you will likely find is that you will need to make some hard choices. This card can even be eluding to having to move, or leave something for something better, a better job, a better home, a better relationship. These choices also involve money and love. The answer that will be revealed to you is letting you know you have to make some choices you have to take a some actions. The changes that are emerging are not some random acts or coincidences they are all a part of a positive larger scheme. Notice the connections with everything. 8. Power:Power and strength is yours, you have the power and authority to make what needs to happen, happen. You have to call on the emperor within your self. As this card is a card that represents a major arcana card called “The Emperor” . Once you make those important decisions your life is going to change in a big way. 9. Spiritual Union: By the end of it all you will have gained a greater understanding and a greater love within a relationship or a new relationship. The whole point of everything you are going through is to bring you to a certain special soul love. Which underneath it all is the most important thing to you in your life whether you realize it now or not…. you will.