Please read all the way through for a suggestive ritual or meditation at the end!
💖💥✨🌞🔥The time is now! ..This is a very potent time of releasing and renewing take advantage of this energy. No things do not happen overnight (although dont discredit that, as it could) 😉 Begin to assess your life NOW! What do you want to change? What do you want to let go of? What do you want to bring forward?
We hear the phrase over and over again, let go of what no longer serves you, will there are times in life when the energy to do so can be very conducive. letting go also means making space for what you truly want and pursuing your hopes, wishes and dreams ( this doesn’t necessarily mean it times to quit that job but it does mean its time to invest in what you are truly passionate about)
What do you need to release? A negative relentless emotion,a self defeating attitude or a hurtful, toxic relationship, . Even just your intent and or desire to do so can bring about the start of changes and opportunity.
✨✨If you are into ritual or meditation here is a suggestion✨✨:
On the day of 11/11 or before, formulate a cleansing or releasing ritual for yourself, make up your mind that you want to release and so or etc… and that you desire to bring forth so and so or etc.. write down what you want to release on one sheet of paper and on another write down what you want to bring forward. On the day of your release ritual light some candles or a small fire (safety first please) meditate on what you want to release when you are done shred up your list of things you want to release and throw away at the end of the meditation or throw into the fire or burn it! (again safety first). Then meditate on your list of things you want to bring forward now take that list place it in an envelope and seal it. At the end of your meditation or ritual file that envelope away in a safe place and forget about it!! When the time is right you will be reminded to open your envelope and then you can reflect on the changes that took place toward your new intentions
❤ Everyone have a Happy, Fruitful 1111 ❤ release-and-renew2