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Jokers in Cartomancy.



Jokers: I like to call these the Fool Cards of the Deck. Not everyone uses the Joker in Cartomancy readings but I do, because it adds another element of understanding to the readings that I find can be very helpful. It’s really your choice whether you use them or not. 

Joker (Red): The Red Joker represents Action. Actions that can be unpredictable, adventurous. A card that can urge you to expect the unexpected. It is a card of possibilities but also mindfulness. This card may mean that one needs to take actions that they normally would not, which would benefit them in some way, also depends on question and surrounding cards. Could mean someones action will be unexpected and unpredictable or a circumstance as well.

Joker (Black): The Black Joker represents Thought. Thoughts that are of an adventurous nature. It is a call to think outside the box. It represents thinking that you may not expect which could be helpful depending on the question and surrounding cards. Could also represent someone or some circumstance in which the thought process is unorthodox.

Kings of Cartomancy


King: A Male or Strong Masculine Energy.

King of Spades: An angry or worried man. Can also represent a forceful, overly determine person. He may even be a cruel person but not always. On the more positive side can represent an authoritative man. Also represents Zodiac Energy (A Gemini, Libra or Aquarius)

King of Diamonds: A man in pursuit of wealth. Could also represent a wealthy man. Zodiac Energy of (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.)

King of Hearts: Could have water sign. (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). A loving, caring, knowledgeable, faithful and kind man. A man who plays fair. A romantic man.  

King of Clubs: A helpful, outgoing, honest, attractive, self-confident man. A man in pursuit of goals and achievements. Could have the zodiac of a Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius).

Queens of Cartomancy


Queen: A Female or Strong Feminine Energy.

Queen of Spades: An angry or worried woman. Could be a widowed or divorced woman. Can also represent a very smart and cunning person. She may even be a cruel person but not always. Also represents Zodiac Energy (A Gemini, Libra or Aquarius)

Queen of Diamonds: A woman who loves materials beauty and wealth. Could also be a woman coming into wealth. A woman on a financial pursuit. Zodiac Energy of (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.)

Queen of Hearts: Could have water sign. (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). A loving, caring, knowledgeable, faithful and kind women. A woman who plays fair. A trustworthy women. A mother figure.

Queen of Clubs: A helpful, outgoing, honest, attractive, self-confident woman. A woman in pursuit of goals and achievements. Could have the zodiac of a Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius).

The J’s-Jacks of Cartomancy


Jack: A young male or a young masculine energy. Youthful energy male or female.

Jack of Spades: Someone younger than you. Could also be a jealous, worried or angry person. This person may get in the way of progress.  Can also represent a well meaning person but could be immature or unreliable. Also represents Zodiac Energy Air Signs. (A young Gemini, Libra or Aquarius)

Jack of Diamonds: A younger person who is coming into money or who has wealth. A young person pursuing financial gain. Zodiac Energy of Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.)

Jack of Hearts: Someone younger or someone who acts young who is good-hearted and loving. Could have water sign. (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Mostly a male but can also be a female. An admirer. A close friend. Could be a family member. Could be someone who you have known a long time.

Jack of Clubs: A younger person or someone with young energy who is a reliable person who is in pursuit of ambitions and goals. Could have the zodiac of  Fire(Aries, Leo or Sagittarius).

The Tens- Cartomancy


Ten: Blessings, Expansion, Finality

10 of Spades: Worry, misfortune, Unwelcome news, A very unlucky card. However if near a very good card could be canceled it out

10 of Diamonds: A change in financial status for the better. Blessed Money, Lucky Money and fortunate financial changes.

10 of Hearts: Good Luck, Blessed flow in love, domestic affairs and emotional issues. Means good fortune after difficulty.

10 of Clubs: Business success. An inheritance. Good luck with money, goals and achievements. Can also represent a long and fun filled journey.

The Nines- Cartomancy


Nine: Transitions, Endings, Movements

9 of Spades: Depression and low energy may be occurring or will occur. Extreme anxiety may be present. Delays and quarrels. Illness, an accident happens or happened, bad luck. Defeat lack of success, or loss of money.

9 of Diamonds: A surprise dealing with money. A new business opportunity or deal. Restlessness. A change of residence. An adventure that looks promising.

9 of Hearts: THE WISH CARD. Means your wish will be fulfilled with this card. Desires come true. If surrounded by negative cards means you still will have your wish but with difficulty or after difficulty has been addressed.

9 of Clubs: Achievements of some kind. A change in goals and wants. Transitions in business.

The Eights- Cartomancy


Eight: Manifesting Energy, Business, Money, Wealth

8 of Spades: Trouble and disappointment. Cancellations. Things may not go as planned. Temptation. Danger upsets.

8 of Diamonds: Manifesting a new job or more money, or change in job situation. You may find love travel and easy living later in life. A relationship that brings unexpected money.

8 of Hearts: Unexpected visit. Unexpected gift. Celebration. Invitation or Attendance to a party. Intents towards passions, love and goals.

8 of Clubs: Achievements and goals manifesting money and wealth. Business success. A need to achieve more depending on surrounding cards.

The Sevens- Cartomancy


Seven: Spirituality, Spirit, God Consciousness, Perfection, Being Tested.

7 of Spades: Obstacles to success that come from within. Negative thinking getting in the way.

7 of Diamonds: Surprise news or gifts for you, Money that comes through from prayers and spirituality. Miracles in Finances.

7 of Hearts: Broken promises in love depending on the surrounding cards. Also Spiritual or Unconditional love. Perfect Love.

7 of Clubs: Prosperity and success. Blessed Goals and Achievements/Accomplishments/Promotions.

The Six-Cartomancy


Six: Harmony, Balance, Family, Healing

6 of Spades: Some improvements are showing itself after much difficulty. This card could also mean much planning and hard work with only a little to show for it.

6 of Diamonds: Balance and harmony occurring in the financial area. A warning of financial problems in a marriage depending on surrounding cards.

6 of Hearts: Also known as the “soul mate” card. Unexpected good fortune or events. Sudden wave of good luck. Generosity. Someone helping you out.

6 of Clubs: Financial aid or help given. Success based on mutual goals and friendships.

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